What is Live Trading Alerts?

Live Trading Alerts (LTA) is a stand-alone software package designed to help traders find exactly the trade setups they like at exactly the point they like to find them.

No matter what trading success you’ve had in the past, LTA will help you…

  • See exactly who’s in control (Bulls or Bears) at any moment
  • Find patterns and signals on Intraday and Daily timeframes
  • Find the breakouts and breakdowns before the crowd
  • Know when any of your positions are breaking down
  • Know when any of your watchlist tickers break out
  • Identify unusual volume flows

Whether you’re a Bull or a Bear, a Day-Trader or a Swing-Trader, LTA can improve your trading!

Can I create custom alert windows?

Of course!  You can create custom alerts based on any combination of the 250+ existing scans, run on one or multiple timeframes and then add your custom price-action alert criteria or filter.  This could result in tens of millions of possible combinations. 

However, if you have some unique need that we can’t support out of the box, we’ll be happy to write a custom scan to support your needs.

What timeframes does LTA work on now?

Right now, LTA allows scanning on weekly, 3-day, 2-day, daily, 4-hour, hourly, 30-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute, 3-minute, and 1-minute timeframes.

However, scanning and then price alerting happen in real-time.  Scans are updated every few minutes and alerts are updated on a tick-by-tick real-time basis.

Can I scan in multiple timeframes at once?

Absolutely!  You can mix any combination of scans of different timeframe in a single alert window configuration.

Do I need to buy anything else?

No!  LTA works on its own as stand-alone software.  You can use any charting package, brokerage and/or other tools you prefer.  That said, LTA alerts are currently set up to open in TC2000, ThinkorSwim or TradingView charting platforms with just a click.  That list will grow over time and if you have a favorite charting package you’d like us to integrate for linking, please contact us Support@LiveTradingAlerts.com.

Is there a limit to the number of Alert Windows I can have open at one time?

Initially, we are limiting individual users to 20 Alert Windows.  However, the truth is that the vast majority of traders will not be able to juggle more than 20 real-time Alert windows at a time.

Does LTA cover Canadian stocks/etfs?

YES!  We cover the top 200-300 Canadian stocks and ETFs (based on trade liquidity).  These include both TSX and TSX Venture exchange tickers.

Will my configuration be saved?

Yes. You can save individual alert windows by name or entire sets of alert windows by name.  In addition, every time you exit LTA, a time-based backup is made of the existing configuration at that point.

Can I tell the data stream status?

Every LTA window includes a “Status Light.”  If the Server is down, this light will be Red.   If the light is Orange the server is up, but no alerts have been received for the ticker list assigned to that window within the last 60 seconds.  If the light is Green, the server is up and an alert has been received within the last 60 seconds.

What operating systems will LTA run on?

LTA versions are available for Windows (7, 8, 10) 32bit and 64 bit.  While we have users that do run LTA on a Mac (via a Windows emulator program such as Parallels or Virtual Box), we cannot support that environment at this time.

What are the system requirements?

.  LTA has very minimal hardware requirements compared to more other software. If you can run Windows you should be able to run LTA with no trouble at all. However, for those that do need to see a list of requirements, here are the minimum requirements:

  • Processor: CPU > 1Ghz speed
  • Memory: RAM > 1Gb
  • Storage: Hard Drive > 250Mb available
  • Display: Resolution > 1024×768
  • O/S: Windows (7, 8, 10)

Internet: 10Mbs or better

May I use your software on more than one computer?

No.  The LTA software is designed for and licensed to one individual user on one computer at a time. If you feel the need to use LTA on a second computer, without first deactivating it on the original computer, you would need to buy a second license. From that point, the installation process on the second computer would be identical to the process on the first computer.  

However, you can (and many users do) go back and forth between multiple computers (such as a desktop and laptop when traveling).

What exactly am I buying?

You are buying:

  • a 30-day renewable subscription license to use LTA, you are not buying the software itself
  • the right for one trader to use LTA on one computer at a time
  • You are also agreeing not to steal, reverse-engineer, distribute or share the software
  • The license entitles the subscriber to support and free updates
  • The license may not be transferred to a different entity
  • We specifically disclaim any responsibility for any loss a user may suffer from or while using the software.