My experience with LTA has been an eye-opener! I was hesitant to spend extra money for another trading, “beat all program”. But here is what I found out about using LTA.

The vast number of scans that are available with LTA and that can be customized to your specific needs to be able to scan for trades, helps a trader to be put in a position to decide on the trade with confidence. LTA is quick, easy, and a real time saver.

The support, the training, the individual attention you can receive with developing new scans, having questions answered, and the follow thru is the best in the industry.

The return on my investment for the LTA program has been covered for several years in just a matter of a few months. My winning trade percentage has increased dramatically. I make more money per trade for a winning trade. I lose less on a poor trade.

When you add up all the available tools, scans, individual support, and monetary results, LTA is worth the investment.

Paul James LTA user since February 2019

Paul James

Support staff is awesome and I’m just learning the tool and new trading methods… In just a few short weeks I’ve made over 3K. And I’m seeing more opportunities then ever before!
John Aversano

I have been using the LTA Scanner since May of 2020. I was working full time and would use the scanner at night to find chart setups that I would put in a watch list that I could trade from when I had time during the day. I am currently trading full time and use the LTA Scanner to alert when stocks in my watch list are moving so that I can make entries that have a higher probability of success. LTA Scanner comes with prebuilt scans so you are getting good charts set ups and making money right from the start while you decide which custom-built scans you want to use (also prebuilt). You are not left out in the cold if you have a problem. The LTA Scanner developers will do whatever it takes to get you up and running and keep you up and running.
Claude Langley

I’ve been an LTA scan user for over a year and half and I can vouch for it’s value – Pays for itself very quickly – Neil
After some time in using the LTA scanner, I’m now able to tell you how much I appreciate it. I think I have it dialed in to my trading style. Whether I’m smart enough to capitalize on the “perfect charts” it alerts me to is on me . I have separate layouts for daily, weekly alerts and one for my laptop with just the essentials. I know that when the market trends again these alerts will be winners. Thanks as always for your continued outstanding support. Neil
To be a successful trader you need to have rules, a process and tools of the trade. These include a great charting program, trading platform and the LTA scanner. I can’t imagine trading without my LTA scanner. My trading is now more relaxed and focused. I no longer have to scan hundreds of charts to find the winners. The LTA scanner is a tremendous value, typically one trade pays for the monthly fee. What is most spectacular about LTA is the personalized one on one support – the ability to have scans customized to your trading style and have the stocks handed to you is an absolute time saver and money maker. Key words to summarize LTA : accurate, value, timesaver, support. In my opinion best bang for the buck! Neil Hammerman

The LTA scanner has been a tremendous benefit to me. It does the work for me and I no longer have to scan hundreds of charts to find the winners. I am much more relaxed in my trading due to the scanner. I would say that typically one trade pays for the monthly fee. What is most spectacular about LTA is the personalized one-on-one support given to you. I have scans customized to my trading style and have stocks handed to me. This is an absolute time saver and money maker. For successful trading you need tools, a good charting program, a good trading platform and an LTA scanner. I can’t imagine trading without it! Key words to summarize LTA : accurate, valuable, timesaver. In my opinion the best bang for the buck!

Dr. Neil Hammerman

The LTA scanner is a real odds changer for the better in trading
Arnolodo Bolanos

Amazing Tool! And simple too. – Shankly
Anonymous Person in Support Room

I used to pay $300/month for a tool that wasn’t nearly as good. I’m so glad I switched.
Steve Risner

Retired Fighter Pilot, full-time Trader and Coach

Please see my perception using the LTA scanner below…and of course feel free to twist and improve my German-English!

Take care, stay healthy. Best regards from Bad Reichenhall in Germany

Without a doubt – this is the must have scanner!

After experiencing scan tools from Market Smith, FinViz and TradingView, there is no doubt for me as an absolute non techie, that this is the ONE.

In the beginning it might be a bit overwhelming, but the standard settings and the pre-configured scans are a very good start. For me as a HRC member it pays double, because Rick Saddler as well uses the scanner and gives precious tips. If you dig deeper and need further advice – Ed Carter is only a second away.

This service is so outstanding! In addition, there is a weekly webinar and numerous trainings, plus a huge archive. It takes some time as said before – but as soon as you figure out your preferred scans fitting to your trading style – this pays numerous times. Don’t overtrade – and don’t over-scan. If you need the right signals, LTA is the only scanner being able to give you the real-time shot.

Edmund Schäffer

Whether you are a plumber, mechanic, surgeon or a rocket scientist, to be successful at any business, task or job you NEED the correct tools, AND knowledge of how to use those tools successfully. In the business of trading one key tool is a scanner that quickly searches thousands of stocks on the market and alerts on stocks that you should consider for trading.

In my case, the Live Trading Alerts (LTA) scanner has proven to be a highly effective and flexible tool to help find stocks that meet my trading criteria, especially since I work full time and trade part-time.

Prior to using LTA, I tried to build my own scans using my charting software often with mixed results. I would build scans without any live support and would have to iteratively test, fine tune, and test again, over and over, resulting in frustration. Oftentimes I would miss trades because the charting software could only run a limited number of scans concurrently.

I became aware of the LTA scanner as a member or Hit and Run Candlesticks and Right Way Options. Through their chat rooms I was able to see firsthand how simple LTA is to use and how effectively it worked based on criteria that each user can easily customize. Since transitioning to LTA two years ago, and by regularly gaining knowledge from Ed, Doug and Rick, I have successfully created a second source of income.

I now rely on LTA exclusively to scan for and find my next trade opportunities. This is in large part because of LTA’s simplicity to set up, the variety and flexibility of the scanning criteria, the ability to have multiple concurrent alert windows running, the live daily dedicated support from Ed (which I have used occasionally), and the weekly LTA training classes.

As I mentioned earlier, I still work full time so I am limited in how much attention I give to trading some days. Given this limitation, one of my very successful trading processes has been using LTA every evening after market to scan for bullish charts based on the weekly timeframe that meet the 3 x 8 trap criteria. When I find a chart that I like, I am able to take the trade the next day and leave it to work with a stop loss order.

By combining Live Trading Alerts scanning with the 3 x 8 trap strategy that I learned from attending Doug’s training class, I have consistently been able to produce a 75% or greater win rate in the last 12 months earning a second income of $40,082.97 in 2020. I am off to a very successful start in 2021 and look forward to the challenge of matching or bettering my 2020 success.

If you are on the fence about using LTA, utilize the 14 day free trial and immerse yourself in the video library, the weekly classes, the live dedicated support from Ed, Rick and Doug as well as learn from peer traders. You will even find me in chat occasionally as MT. Once you start to experience the benefits of LTA, you will wish you were using it much sooner.

Roger Hogan

On Friday I did the scans and picked 4 trades and closed them this morning. 78%, 63.5%, 18.1% winners and a 12.9% loser for a $500 profit. I am amazed and thankful for what you have created.

Allen Sprinkle

Thank you LTA scanner… I just made over $1200 on ONE contract in one trade from one scan on the LTA. – Malcom

Just today, I’ve taken four trades, I’m up over $1000 … the scanner pays me so much every day its a gold machine. – Malcolm

In Mar 2020, I decided to listen to Rick after a year of hearing him. I got the scanner, learned a couple of scans, focused on one pattern, took profits on a regular basis and its worked extremely well for me. In Dec I opened a ROTH with $7K. Today less than six weeks of trading, it went over $25,000

Love LTA scanner…SQ is up 75.6% on my 2 contracts – Malcolm

I’ve got over 100,000 reasons I’ll never trade without it.

Malcolm Myles

I used to spend hours manually looking for a chart that could be setting up for a trade, I followed recommendations from other traders on building watchlists with the major stock names just to find the most of the times I was too early or lost the opportunity to enter the trade, just to start to review the list and repeat the same cycle again.

With the LTA once you have defined your trade strategy and stock universe, the symbols start to flow at the moment the conditions are met, allowing you to focus on highly potential watchlist and the management of the trades you are in.

LTA is dynamic and flexible tool that allows you to configure and define multiple technical and fundamental conditions providing the symbols that match those parameters, no more searching through hundreds of symbols or invest time waiting for a condition to occur, LTA easily takes care of that using an intuitive and interactive user interface but the real advantage and value on the LTA comes with a state of the art support and customer service team, that has the knowledge, problem-solving skills, positive attitude and quick response time required to solve doubts, help on configuration, setup parameters or define scan rules.

LTA is a highly recommended trading scanner tool as a service, that will positively impact your stock selection process allowing you to invest your time where it matters.

Best Regards, 

Ricardo Tatto

I came to know LTA through Right Way Option and Hit and Run Candlestick. I took the free trial offer and finally decided that the scanner is what I need.
Now that I’m a full-time trader LTA has given me the edge in easily finding customized scans that really suits my trading style. Instead of looking through thousands of tickers, the tickers come to me as an alert that they are “ready for pick up” then I simply decide which ones I like best. I find the scanner easy to use with tons of ready to use parameters which I can combine to deliver to me my favorite price patterns. On top of that I am really impressed with the support that I received whenever I needed one. For Ed there’s no stupid question and that means a lot and he does go an extra mile.

I would highly recommend LTA to anyone who is serious in trading for a living. Try it and you’ll know what I mean.

Cheers for successful trading!

Richard Banaang

Calgary AB

Ed, Thanks for the help getting me started yesterday. I used the one modified scan and traded off those alerts, and as of 1 pm those 10 positions I bought were up $4125 today. What a start!

Thanks again.

Gene Weidemoyer

I love this scanner! I made $460 this week on MYGN…right off the scanner!! – Bob

I’ve hit for over $300 this morning using your LTA scan, I think I’ve found my niche! – Terrence

Wed @ 9:54 am – Took weekly goal on CVS calls yesterday from LTA for 14% – Don D

Thu @ 10:27 am – I want let you know last week was the most profitable I have had in my trading. The difference, I started to use very heavily the 3/8 trap with no prices. That was all I used with the LTA scan. – Mark

Val – Scanner the best addition to my trading! Thank you!

Mitch – I’m sure you hear this all the time. Using LTA for the first day, IBM popped up this morning. I’m about to close it out – that one trade paid for the first month and part of the second month subscription

Anonymous People in Public Webinars

Just to let you know that the scanner has already paid for itself for the next few months. Great tool!

Gavin Digby