General Support Policy

  • Technical support is provided to customers currently subscribed (subscription still active) to LTA free of charge.
  • All support is subject to the terms and conditions of the LTA Subscription License Agreement.
  • LTA support includes updates, bug fixes, and functionality upgrades. All are released as either major and minor update versions (for example v1.2.51.712).
  • Support is limited to the current released version of LTA. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their LTA software up-to-date, but we will help if you have upgrade issues.
  • Support is available via email, live support chat room, phone (outgoing only) and Internet remote-support software.
  • Support is only available to customers running LTA natively in a Windows environment. (We do not currently support any Mac osX or Linux Distribution, other operating systems, virtual machines or environment emulators.)
  • Support is only available for customers running LTA on current versions of the Windows operating systems. (Do not expect us to support something like Windows Vista.)


How do I check what version of LTA I have now?

  • Open LTA
  • Your version number is shown toward the top of the main application.


How do I contact LTA Support?

There are three ways to contact us.


In either case, please provide a detailed description of the problem or issue you are facing.  Include links to images (such as those you can create with the free screen-capture tool called Jing).  Also, please include your name, phone number, version number and license number.